Working Process

Osci Pellami S.r.l. works and sells high quality leathers following and respecting the best processing methods acquired through years of experience. The leathers arrive in our factory in the state of "pickled" (semi-processed state of the skin), after a first selection they are destined for various types of tanning, (an ancient process that has been used for centuries for the maintenance of the leather) as chrome, vegetable or free metal. Once the tanning is finished, the skins undergo mechanical processing to facilitate drying, in the final part of the production we use the staking process that gives softness and elasticity to the skin. Once this phase is over the leathers are ready for a first selection and to the dyeing process, once dyed they are polished by hand on spangles to give them brilliance and roundness, after polishing they are selected again to assign the grade of choice and finally measured and ready to be shipped worldwide.

The leathers used are a waste product derived from the food industry, in this way we recycle industrial organic waste that, if not used, would be highly polluting and difficult to dispose of.

Clients can avail the facility of customization of our skins in terms of colors, thickness and size in order to suit their need.